Thanks to Cottonelle for sponsoring today’s chat on travel tips. Click HERE to snag a $1 off … Continue Reading


When people ask for recommendations of a lesser-known, yet completely hip spot to see in Europe, I … Continue Reading

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Beloved Atmosphere | Pancakes From Scratch recipe

Don't all kids l-o-v-e pancakes from scratch? The fresher, the better. On Saturday, our 3 Little … Continue Reading

alpine valley organic multi-grain 1oo% whole wheat bread - CostCo

I promise: applying some of these tips is not as daunting as it may seem.  These Quick Tips will … Continue Reading

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enjoy stress-free homework time

Imagine this scenario...your child sitting peacefully, completing daily homework independently. Once finished, your child turns to you and says, "O.K.  I'm ready to have you check my homework."  It … Continue Reading

Beloved Atmosphere | Fort Fun with Pop Secret #ad #PopSecretForts

Fort Fun with Pop Secret

Many thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring this story and encouraging our family to build healthy fun using our imaginations! #PopSecretForts Hey there everyone! I have an exciting proposition for … Continue Reading

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